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Wednesday, October 28th 2009

1:46 AM

The Morning Banana diet

DIET bananas in the morning or the morning banana diet is popular now. Reportedly, slimming techniques introduced in Japan this splenetic enough to lose weight even without exercise. As if this best of diet method....

How this diet method?

Was first introduced by Hitoshi Watanabe of Tokyo, Japan, the diet method thanks to a direct popular stories spread by word of mouth, publicity on the internet, television, newspapers and magazines, and books written by Watanabe.

In principle, this diet is very simple. At breakfast, you just need to eat bananas and drink warm water. In the afternoon and evening, you can eat anything, not even snacking. The abstinence only one, do not eat at the top eight in the evening and avoid ice cream, dairy products, alcohol, or dessert after dinner. Should eat sweets but only during the day.

What makes this method very popular diet is not the inclusion of elements of sports. The dieters are advised to exercise only if it would and could only exercise that does not make you stress. And I suggest to stay relaxed....

Accelerate digestion

Quite a few people who recognize the efficacy of this diet method, one opera singer from Japan, Kumiko Mori, who said he lost weight after applying 6.7 pounds of this banana diet in a short time.

There are many versions that try to explain why this banana diet can reduce weight. One was the theory which states that bananas contain enzymes that can accelerate the process of digestion and defecation, resulting in weight loss.

It is true, of fiber including bananas, can make the digestive system work faster and the food is not absorbed all, too many calories. But experts argue calorie reduction will not affect much on weight loss.

Meanwhile, another theory says the cause is the starch that makes the stomach always feels full and increase fat burning. These starches can naturally be found in carbohydrate foods such as green bananas, potatoes, rice seeds, and beans, but only if you eat in a cold state. This starch will make the digestion occurs in the small intestine and large intestine directly.

Still Controversy

Though popular, many experts who doubt the ability of this diet. Bananas and other fruits are often becomes mandatory meal for people who want to slim. But, in fact banana has no specific content for effective weight loss.

And also, do not abstain from food is not something that fits in an effort to lose weight. To be successful slimming business, you must be physically active and control calories. And to stay healthy, of course we should eat healthy food. Experts agree there is not any one food that can burn fat. If there is, of course obesity problem can be easily overcome, is not it?
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